Flight, fight, freeze

It was one of those moments.

Those moments when you waver. You confront your fears. You find out who you really are.

One of those moments when someone knocks on your door at 10:30 p.m.

And you try to decide whether you should answer. If you should hide.

Or do you end up unexpectedly screaming at the top of your lungs for your husband to wake up? Four times. With gradually increasing volume.

I guess I learned that I don’t want to confront my fears alone.


6 thoughts on “Flight, fight, freeze

  1. Hi Bakke,
    WOW Did that really happen to you? What did you feel about it? It that happened to me I would of gotten resale scared.
    Sincerely Isabela


  2. Goodness! That is so scary! Sounds like you were listening to your sixth sense and you kept the door closed. I wonder if you knew who this person was? I hope s/he doesn’t return tonight. Confronting fears with someone else is definitely the way to go. Who said we had to wear our big-girl-pants ALL the time??


  3. I often think about this, too. What if you had been alone? What would you do when there wasn’t someone or something to stand beside you and your fears? I think you would be surprised to find that you are stronger than you think!


  4. I am like this–I also have an overly active imagination, so if left to myself, I sometimes create all sorts of worst-case scenarios! (It’s ridiculous, really!) I’m glad you had someone around to back up your courage! 😉


  5. It really did happen! But it ended up being the police (the officer let us know it was the police after a few knocks/my yelling). Our neighbors were having an issue, and he wanted to let us know that we might hear announcements and should stay in our home. Everything ended up being okay with the neighbor after a long standoff. It was difficult to figure out what to do at first. We don’t have any sort of storm door/screen door, so there’s really not a good way to see outside!


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