If only

“Just ten more minutes,” I groan as I turn off the alarm and crawl back into my den of covers.

“I need ten more minutes,” I implore to no one as I try to put on a shoe while brushing my teeth and making coffee.

“It would be so nice to have ten more minutes,” I long wistfully as students approach my door and look upon our unfinished schedule.

“I don’t have ten more minutes,” I urge as I will the copy machine to work faster. That was the lunch bell.

“I’ll leave in just ten minutes,” I sigh to my husband. He’s waiting for us to leave town, but I have to finish this email.

“Give me ten minutes,” I plead cheerfully to my friends who have already arrived for dinner.

“Ten more minutes,” I declare as I trudge through some reading before finally closing my eyes.

Someday my time will be over. I wonder if I’ll be peaceful, satisfied. I have a suspicion that I’ll try to cram in more life. As always, thinking, “If only there were ten more minutes…”


5 thoughts on “If only

  1. Great format. My husband and I share a car and he needs a 10 minute warning every morning.
    Would you mind if I shared this with my students? I want to show them your word choices for “said”.


    1. Ha, whenever my husband and I carpool, I need the 10 minute warning (clearly!) Usually I have to plan to leave at an earlier time or set the clock ahead. I’m really always late!

      Please feel free to share with your students! I love the idea of helping to teach beyond just my classroom 🙂 I hope it’s a great week!


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