The Light Show

The light show is about to begin
It whispers throughout the
Afternoon hurry

As I talk – hurry
As I walk – Hurry
I shop I drive I chop I chew
The light show is about to begin

I find my seat
Down the mezzanine, middle aisle
Push past the seats full
Boxes and files of
Useless thoughts
I am late to the light

The cavernous fluorescent bacterial light
The undulating northern nights full of light
The whirring whirling roaring of light
The fragmental sparks of lighter fluid light
The sizzling fringes of cackling light
And the luminescent dancers begin to slow
The paleness of the curtain of predawn light

The return of the pressure
The brainstorm from where the light begins
The void in the middle surrounded by an orb full of vices
The fullness to be driven out


But what a show to behold


3 thoughts on “The Light Show

  1. Again, such beautiful imagery, Torrey. I feel the urgency to get to the place where you can stop and enjoy the moment…I love the lines ‘it whispers through the afternoon hurry; as I talk – hurry; as I walk – hurry”
    How I can relate to moving from one thing to the next in order to have those moments of wonder.

    We had quite the lightning show here tonight.. always frightening and beautiful at the same time.


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